Clearly some creative thinking is needed to get Final Draft onto Android

Opening of Relativity

Project I’ve written using Final Draft 7 on Windows.

Those of you who know me reasonably well, know that I like to write stuff. Like the short film script pictured above or the odd comic. And I don’t like using a basic word-processor when writing scripts for screen or comics, I like to use programmes such as Final Draft. I have a laptop PC and a tablet with a keyboard. Continue reading


Have been thinking more about music while writing a script


At the moment, I’m in the early stages of drafting a script for a webseries about a scientist who learns too late to be careful what he wishes for. I’m also the director and it’s the first time I’ve been in this writer-director dual role.
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I’ve left BeefJack

Emily Xbox 360


A few know, but… this week I left BeefJack. I’d been there for almost three years and was the longest contributing contributor. There are many varied reasons as to why I left and some are too personal to go into here. Continue reading

I’m starting to use Reddit more… and the great RSS outage of 2012

Been lurking, now posting more.

If you’re wondering where I’ve been lately… err, I’ve been busy and part of that has included exploring Reddit. I’ve been finding that the communities on the site are increasingly meeting my age old need to be a part of a huge online forum. Anyway, the r/podcasts reddit (and one particular user) became my saviour yesterday as I teetered on the edge of technologically induced panic. Continue reading

Err, what planet is China Miéville on?

Image courtesy of Danie Ware.

A somewhat unusual article has appeared over at the Guardian this week. I say unusual, it’s mainly due to the views of China Miéville that are included in the article. Mainly his ideas of published works being “remixed” as so often happens to music these days and that writers should have a “wage of a skilled worker” to ensure that they get paid. Continue reading