Clearly some creative thinking is needed to get Final Draft onto Android

Opening of Relativity

Project I’ve written using Final Draft 7 on Windows.

Those of you who know me reasonably well, know that I like to write stuff. Like the short film script pictured above or the odd comic. And I don’t like using a basic word-processor when writing scripts for screen or comics, I like to use programmes such as Final Draft. I have a laptop PC and a tablet with a keyboard. Continue reading


The end of Google Reader and me (sorta) not panicking about it

Don't panic.

Don’t panic.

It’s funny how in the same 12 months that I got into using RSS on a regular basis that Google have announced an end to Google Reader on 1 July 2013. Back when the Olympics were on I had been desperate to get hold of something that could display news in a newspaper/newsy like way and had been steered towards Feedly, which pulls your RSS subscriptions from Google Reader. Continue reading

I have been using the New Myspace

Yes, I have been using it.

Yes, I have been using it.

Occasionally I do like to listen to music while at work. But I don’t want to run down my portable MP3 player’s battery or copy loads of my personal collection onto a work PC. Since the new Myspace was in private beta, I’ve been using the service to listen to music while at work. But I already have a account – so why I haven’t been using that?

Continue reading

So, BT’s got a new call screening phone coming out

My nemesis?

My nemesis? (Photo by Nicholas Smale)

This week BT unveiled the BT6500 – a phone that has the potential to end a household’s unsolicited call woes. Why do I care? Well as I’ve previously written, I do often have problems with unsolicited calls to my land line. Continue reading

Compromised Twitter accounts sending out spam DMs

Twitter spam DM

I’m not going to call out those I know who’ve had their accounts compromised like this, but I do want to talk about it. See, as a frequent user of Twitter, I have noticed an increase in the frequency that I receive dodgy, spammy DMs from people that follow me and I follow back. Continue reading