Why do I want more female protagonists in games?

Remember Me game

Hopefully, Remember Me will help increase the number of playable female protagonists in videogames.

We talked about the issue of female protagonists in videogames on this week’s Nerds Assemble, but I just wanted to jot down a few more thoughts on the issue here. Continue reading


Tips on scriptwriting and getting an agent – plus key mistakes a Games Master/DM can make in roleplaying games

We didn't just talk about nerdy things...

We didn’t just talk about nerdy things…

Around the 42 minutes mark, the latest episode of Nerds Assemble has scriptwriter James Henry answer various questions about writing and scriptwriting and other cool things you may want to know if you’re writing in the UK. There was insight into UK series length and how best to get represented by an agent. Here are some of the questions and answers. Continue reading

Ever had a scriptwriter as a games master/DM? I have

Dice, DICE!

Dice, DICE!

Next Monday on the Nerds Assemble podcast, we will have a guest joining us. This guest will be one James Henry, (if you click on the link, you’ll see that he’s written for a great many TV shows from Green Wing to Shaun the Sheep to Campus. He’s a great guy. Continue reading

Skyrim and gaming fatigue


This week’s Nerds Assemble while trying to remedy the UK’s high street also looked at another important issue: gaming fatigue. At least that’s the term were giving the experience of feeling reluctant to play games (old or new) or going back to the same one again and again, when previously you played a lot of different games. Continue reading

Nerds Assemble update – we’re running a comp to win the Resident Evil films on Blu-ray

Competition time at Nerds Assemble.

From the UK or EU, over 15 and want to win the first four Resident Evil films on Blu-ray? Then head on over to the Nerds Assemble Facebook page to enter the podcast’s first competition. We started the comp in our Halloween episode. Continue reading