Men with Sticks: the Representation of Men in Videogames

In case you missed it earlier, here’s the piece I did for the Meninism blog regarding the representation of men in videogames. Enjoy.


Emily King

To any but the most entrenched of misogynistic geeks in the world: it is reasonable to assume that women tend to get a pretty raw deal in regards to the representation of their gender in videogames.

It’s why many game fans often roll their eyes when the latest fighting game is debuted. It’s why some felt more than a tad uneasy when a developer came out and said that Lara Croft will show her vulnerable side in her upcoming 2013 game by escaping an attempted rape. It’s why series like Tropes vs. Women in Games by Anita Sarkeesian make their crowd funding goals.

Yet what Sarkeesian, and many critics of games, have often failed to recognise is that the
struggle of equal representation is an issue for all. That the struggle is not for women alone.

The problem is that the representation of men in videogames is not exactly stellar either. There hasn’t been…

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