Clearly some creative thinking is needed to get Final Draft onto Android

Opening of Relativity

Project I’ve written using Final Draft 7 on Windows.

Those of you who know me reasonably well, know that I like to write stuff. Like the short film script pictured above or the odd comic. And I don’t like using a basic word-processor when writing scripts for screen or comics, I like to use programmes such as Final Draft. I have a laptop PC and a tablet with a keyboard. Continue reading


Do I want a bite of the Apple?

The queue for the iPhone 4 launch at a Cornish store

I’ve never been too fond of Apple products. The most I’ve ever used a Mac was during my time taking GCSE Art, back in 2000 to 2002. There was a particular project that I wanted to do involving digital image manipulation of a colourful werewolf painting I’d done, and none of the Windows machines had anything more helpful than Paint. However, there was a Power Mac G4 kicking about the place and it had Illustrator; it also had the advantage of being installed with the driver software for the Art department’s digital camera.

So with the help of the Mac, camera and Adobe Illustrator I was able to put cropped photos of my painting together with some text in a way that pleased me and was in no way appreciated by the examiners, which is fine because since when has GCSE Art been anything but subjective. The Mac system did a job that the rest of the school’s computers were unprepared for and I was grateful. It also did something that was perceived as what Macs were meant to do back then – y’know – the whole being a computer system of designers, digital artists and the publishing industry.

Flash forward to now, and I have a Windows PC that can do everything that I needed out of what the Power Mac G4 could do, and then some hell of a lot more. So now, what are Macs for? What are Apple products for?

Knowing that Creative were there before Apple with MP3 players, means that I’m a die-hard Creative fan and will only use their portable music players – so no iPod for me. But what about the iPhone? And this is where I begin to go, “Hmmmmm, that might actually be good.” But why I am dwelling on this now? Well, I’m hoping to buy a new phone next year and it would be nice to deal with the far too many e-mails I get whilst on the move.

Then I realised something else, “What of the alternatives?” Essentially, I only buy new tech if it will do what I need it to do, not because (and this now most certainly the case with Apple products) it’s trendy to own a particular piece of tech. At this point I remember the name Blackberry and that I don’t like touch screens (it’s a hygiene and ease of cleaning thing) unless I’m drawing with my notepad PC. And apps aren’t really something I’m too worried about, seeing as how most smartphones have social networking ones and that would be what I’m really worried about.

Ah, but what of the iPad? Now there is a greater dilemma there, but also not. I already have a touch-screen notepad PC, and as I’ve indicated I only use touch-screen for drawing. And e-books… I think I may very well be better off buying a cheaper e-reader than an iPad. Of course the first e-reader that can be taken into the bathroom and be submerged for minutes at a time will be the one that wins consumers hearts (and mine).

Will I ever have a bite of the Apple? Only if Apple ever stop being trendy I think.