Why do I want more female protagonists in games?

Remember Me game

Hopefully, Remember Me will help increase the number of playable female protagonists in videogames.

We talked about the issue of female protagonists in videogames on this week’s Nerds Assemble, but I just wanted to jot down a few more thoughts on the issue here. Continue reading


Mixed feelings about the endings to Far Cry 3

Unexpected purchase alert.


This weekend I completed Far Cry 3 (and so this post will contain spoilers). The random game purchase I picked-up in February has given me more than 38 hours (according to Raptr data) of enjoyment with a mixture of frustration here and there. It led me to question a particular event involving Jason’s friend Keith and why it wasn’t explored further. Continue reading

The continuing BS old media throws at videogames

Tomb Raider interview

Original pic taken by BlackSymbiote

Today, a Canadian newspaper published the above interview with someone involved in the development of the new Tomb Raider. It made me sigh. Okay, so it was a Canadian newspaper, but watching any piece about videogames on UK news, and articles on the industry in many of the UK papers… and attitudes aren’t too dissimilar. Continue reading

Did Dishonored deserve its Best Game BAFTA?



Last night was (as some of you may know) the BAFTA Games Awards and you may know that Dishonored walked away with best game in 2013. The other nominees had been Far Cry 3FIFA 13Journey, Mass Effect 3 and The Walking Dead. While Journey walked away with the most awards, overall, and Far Cry 3 won best action game and The Walking Dead got its teeth into story and best mobile/handheld… I’m not sure about Dishonored‘s win. Continue reading