Geek credentials? Geek gate keeping?

Emily Xbox 360

I am perhaps a little guilty of this on the gaming side of things (see this old BeefJack piece), but in the past few months I have decided that I’ve had enough of “geek gate keeping”. It has to stop. And this is a bit of a rant. Continue reading


Second day of Bristol 2011 Expo – Damage Report :P


After a long train journey I am back on my native soil. It has been a long weekend of meeting new people and experiencing new things.

New things that have mostly been wonderful. Like watching Stormtroopers go up to waiting motorists to check if they have any droids on board.

Last night was mainly spent trying to find somewhere to eat. The lesson here is that when there’s a chance more than ten people are going to dine together, you make everyone decide where they want to go, agree and then sign contracts in their own blood before you leave the hotel.

We ended up at a South American themed restaurant… after starting off at a Burito bar. There was no karaoke 😦

After the eating thing was done, Paul, my brother and I trooped back to the hotel so that I could spend some time with people from a particular publisher. I say spend some time… I was with them for about two hours.

We talked lots. It was nice.

Thankfully this morning, we were not woken up by the fire alarm going off. Unlike yesterday.

After we had breakfasted and located our steampunk obsessed friend… we had a look around the part of the convention in our hotel, checked out and then journeyed over to the other exhibition site.

Here I talked more with a representative from the publisher who has been most interested in Displaced. And we shared some Pocky.

All too soon it was time for us to nab a quick bite to eat for lunch and then catch the train home. Already we’re planning on returning next year.