Clearly some creative thinking is needed to get Final Draft onto Android

Opening of Relativity

Project I’ve written using Final Draft 7 on Windows.

Those of you who know me reasonably well, know that I like to write stuff. Like the short film script pictured above or the odd comic. And I don’t like using a basic word-processor when writing scripts for screen or comics, I like to use programmes such as Final Draft. I have a laptop PC and a tablet with a keyboard. Continue reading


The horror of doing a factory reset on my phone

That was the expression on my face, for more than a day, after having to do a factory reset on my phone.

A few weeks back, I had to go through quite a traumatic technology experience: performing a factory reset on my phone. A HTC Wildfire, with Android 2.2 – resetting the phone was easy, getting it back to the way I wanted was and is still an ongoing struggle. Continue reading

Game Dev Story and Babylon 5

This game is so addictive…

Last week I did two things that until a month ago I wouldn’t have believed I would ever really do: watch Babylon 5 and play Game Dev Story. Seriously, I thought GDS would pass me by forever, just due to a lack of suitable technology to play it on, but Babylon 5

Continue reading

Currently trying out Feedly

Just an example of what I’ve been setting it up like.

Having complained earlier yesterday about the lack of non-Olympics news in my life, I decided that I needed to up my RSS game. I’ve been using Google Reader for a while for getting at my fave podcasts plus industry news related to my day job. But it doesn’t present stories in a particularly enticing manner. Continue reading

Why did Paul and I buy the Avocado app last night?

First time I’ve even considered having an app for couples.

In the long term scheme of things, spending £1.24 (each) on an app doesn’t seem that big a deal. So when this article about Avocado popped up on TechCruch yesterday, I was pretty intrigued. Continue reading