The end of Google Reader and me (sorta) not panicking about it

Don't panic.

Don’t panic.

It’s funny how in the same 12 months that I got into using RSS on a regular basis that Google have announced an end to Google Reader on 1 July 2013. Back when the Olympics were on I had been desperate to get hold of something that could display news in a newspaper/newsy like way and had been steered towards Feedly, which pulls your RSS subscriptions from Google Reader. Continue reading


The continuing BS old media throws at videogames

Tomb Raider interview

Original pic taken by BlackSymbiote

Today, a Canadian newspaper published the above interview with someone involved in the development of the new Tomb Raider. It made me sigh. Okay, so it was a Canadian newspaper, but watching any piece about videogames on UK news, and articles on the industry in many of the UK papers… and attitudes aren’t too dissimilar. Continue reading

Did Dishonored deserve its Best Game BAFTA?



Last night was (as some of you may know) the BAFTA Games Awards and you may know that Dishonored walked away with best game in 2013. The other nominees had been Far Cry 3FIFA 13Journey, Mass Effect 3 and The Walking Dead. While Journey walked away with the most awards, overall, and Far Cry 3 won best action game and The Walking Dead got its teeth into story and best mobile/handheld… I’m not sure about Dishonored‘s win. Continue reading

I have been using the New Myspace

Yes, I have been using it.

Yes, I have been using it.

Occasionally I do like to listen to music while at work. But I don’t want to run down my portable MP3 player’s battery or copy loads of my personal collection onto a work PC. Since the new Myspace was in private beta, I’ve been using the service to listen to music while at work. But I already have a account – so why I haven’t been using that?

Continue reading