Emily on politics

I’m a bit of a political animal.

With all my posts about videogames, comic books and films – you’d probably think that I have no interest in politics. Well, you’re wrong.

  • I’m very passionate about how Cornwall is run by both local and central government.
  • I believe that we live in a globalised society.
  • I totally get that in a country like the UK, politics influences our very social fabric and vice versa.
  • I feel that religion and personal faith has a huge role in politics both in the UK and abroad due to many countries not separating their political systems from their main religious organisations.
  • I understand that economics and political systems are heavily intertwined.
  • I am aware that the world’s media and political systems are dynamically involved with each other.

And I’ve never studied politics. But I like to read, watch and observe a great deal.

Politics, whether for good or bad, is a part of our daily lives. And if you want to read some “pleb” like thoughts on current political issues – from Cornwall to the UN – then this part of my blog is for you: