BBC Breakfast coverage of Mars Curiosity Rover made me feel sad

Why? WHY?!

In the past twenty-four hours one of the greatest scientific and engineering feats of human kind accord when the Mars Curiosity Rover successfully landed on the surface of Mars. The potential the Rover has for expanding our collective knowledge of one of our nearest planetary neighbours… is pretty big.

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An Alternative New Year’s Message

Things need to change. (Photo is of a model homeless man that's been set up in Truro Cathedral.)

As we move from the arbitrary year of 2011 to the following arbitrary year of 2012, I would like to take this moment to reflect on what has happened and look to the year ahead. Despite some of the steps forward humanity has taken this year, we’ve seem to have taken more backwards. At an alarming speed, the advances in equality and constitutional rights that many countries have made over the last two centuries are being eroded, all due to money. Continue reading

We’ve all become a little meaner this year

Our species is a joke, because of the cruelty it piles upon itself.

This will be a sad, ranty blog post. You may want to come back next week if you’re after some festive cheer. Continue reading

Thoughts on Frank Miller and the Occupy movement

Frank Miller was behind Batman: Year One.

It’s kind of weird watching a creative that you’re interested in completely ruining all levels of respect you had for them by seemingly sounding like an idiot. And yet that is what Frank Miller has managed to do whilst posting about the Occupy movement on his blog. In a post titled “ANARCHY”, Miller manages to shed the respect of many of the 5000+ commentators on this one post. I’m certainly less interested in the idea of the Sin City 2 film.

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“I’m sorry, but your t-shirt will lead to the downfall of society. Please remove it.”

A slightly suggestive t-shirt from

Now, I’m hoping that the recent news from Newquay on its new t-shirt policy doesn’t mean that this ever so slightly suggestive t-shirt will be banned should I visit this nearby town. Continue reading