Still learning to drive


I haven’t updated on this in a while, but just in case you were wondering: yes, I am still learning to drive.
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Driving lessons update #2

(Car related due to car featuring prominently in the video.) I’ve had two driving lessons since my last post on this. And according to my instructor, things are going well. Personally, I keep finding myself constantly amazed by the nuances of driving a manual car that I was not instructed on when I tried learning on a manual previously. Continue reading

Driving lessons update #1

(I’ll try to keep finding slightly car related music videos for each of these posts.) Anyway, how did my first lesson go? You may be asking after yesterday’s post. Clearly I’ve typed this, so I didn’t die or end up causing a serious accident and get thrown in a cell. Continue reading

I am about to have my first driving lesson, since stopping three years ago

Image courtesy of chuckoutrearseats/Colin

Today, I am ┬ánervous for the first time since I started my job at Radix. Today I am hitting the roads of Falmouth and Penryn for the first driving lesson I’ve had since I stopped learning three years ago. And today I will be driving in a manual car, rather than an automatic as I had previously learned in. I have never held a full driving license. Continue reading