Clearly some creative thinking is needed to get Final Draft onto Android

Opening of Relativity

Project I’ve written using Final Draft 7 on Windows.

Those of you who know me reasonably well, know that I like to write stuff. Like the short film script pictured above or the odd comic. And I don’t like using a basic word-processor when writing scripts for screen or comics, I like to use programmes such as Final Draft. I have a laptop PC and a tablet with a keyboard. Continue reading


The continuing BS old media throws at videogames

Tomb Raider interview

Original pic taken by BlackSymbiote

Today, a Canadian newspaper published the above interview with someone involved in the development of the new Tomb Raider. It made me sigh. Okay, so it was a Canadian newspaper, but watching any piece about videogames on UK news, and articles on the industry in many of the UK papers… and attitudes aren’t too dissimilar. Continue reading

Geek credentials? Geek gate keeping?

Emily Xbox 360

I am perhaps a little guilty of this on the gaming side of things (see this old BeefJack piece), but in the past few months I have decided that I’ve had enough of “geek gate keeping”. It has to stop. And this is a bit of a rant. Continue reading