Today is International Women’s Day – 2013 edition

womens-dayI haven’t written about this in two years and so I thought I’d out down a few thoughts about the day.

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I’m becoming a tad tired of the BBC harping on about getting young women/women into sport

It's not just a question of getting one gender onto the pitch - it's a question of time and money to

It’s not just a question of getting one gender onto the pitch – it’s a question of time and money too

It seems that a lasting legacy of having the Olympics in London this year is a monthly examination (every month this has been happening  by the BBC into why young women/women just aren’t taking part in sport. And you know what? They never look at any of the real cultural or social reasons that drags down female participation – as far as I can tell.

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“Menial work being beneth them?” (them a.k.a. graduates)

The spelling mistake is his…

Today, I spotted a link from the i newspaper to an article from the Independent in regards to how graduates from the first round of tuition fee hikes are doing. And one respondent typified an attitude that saddens and annoys me: that graduates don’t like menial work. I’ve previously made my feelings on this matter known in a post earlier this year in regards to the Job Centre’s approach to work experience.

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We do not need Christians like these directing this country’s moral values

Ann Widdecombe peeves me right off. Image courtesy of catch21productions.

There’s been a lot said at the Conservative Party Conference, over the past day or so, that has left me feeling angry. One particular event, on the fringes of the conference, has left me particularly clenching my jaws: Lord Carey, David Burrows and Ann Widdecombe’s anti-gay marriage rally. And as a Huffington Post article has pointed out: there was a comparison made with Nazi-Germany to lead the argument against gay marriage. Continue reading

I am beyond disappointed with Cornwall Council

Where do I begin?

I can no longer keep quiet about the activities at County Hall. As democracy appears to have fled the place, I truly can’t keep silent. Continue reading