Big business and audiences need to stop sucking the creativity out of entertainment


I’m feeling in a ranty mood today. Mainly because of all those tweets Notch did yesterday, mainly because I’ve been dwelling on some of the points raised in episode one of BeefJack’s Button Bashers when we discussed crowd funding.

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My top 20 favourite albums of all time [UPDATED]

A pile of CDs in my room that is forever threatening to fall to the floor...

Thought I’d do a list post, as I haven’t done one since the My top 20 favourite games of all time. And it being a Friday, y’know, it’s more of a fun thing to post about. So, let me begin… Continue reading

Britpop invasion on my playlist while I’m writing

Didn't really listen to this lot the first time round.

In the hunt for something substantial for Habitual Films to look in to sorting out over the next twelve months, I had a look at one of my ideas/concepts notebooks and noticed a vampire film idea that I’d jotted down a few weeks back. Paul and I have recently acknowledged that one of the things that stands in the way of the group maybe going a bit further is having a large, yet manageable, project to work on. Continue reading

Paul’s created a birthday list for me! D: (and I have no idea what’s on it)

Will I be receiving L.A. Noire for my Birthday? Mebbie...

I’ve previously mentioned that I wouldn’t be putting together a Birthday list for this year. However, Paul let slip earlier that he’s been compelled to make one on my behalf due to demands from my parents. Continue reading

Addicted to Closer (and it’s been going longer than Wow (not WoW)) – where I lay the blame at Trent Reznor’s singing voice

Cue one mesmerizing heart

About two and-a-bit months ago, I discussed how I was listening to Marilyn Manson’s song Wow quite a few maybe-unhealthy times a day. Not long after that blog post, however I soon ended up obsessed over another song, Nine Inch Nails’s Closer from the album The Downward Spiral. I am addicted to a song that is more than seventeen years old and was released when I was around seven. Continue reading