“Imagine all you can be”…

You remember The Matrix, right?

The title isn’t a quote from The Matrix (one of my favourite films of all time), in fact it’s from a poster for a particular hair product I saw in a local hair salon. Considering my description last week of how I felt that maybe I was slipping into some kind of Baudrillardian nightmare, the posters I saw didn’t make me feel any better earlier this week. Continue reading


And while falling into a Baudrillardian nightmare…

This week has seemed just a little bit out there, to me. From all the nonsense in the run-up to the Olympics, to Bane Capital, to the fact that TV shows like Twenty Twelve exist – I can’t help feeling that Jean Baudrillard might have been right. Reality doesn’t seem so real at the moment. Continue reading

I like having quirky things in my home office

This is Francis.

Here is my office dragon, Francis. I posted up some pics on him last week. Basically, my office would be rather boring without him sticking about, literally. He’s perched on my printer, on the one part that doesn’t move or open up. Continue reading

Why the hell would anyone want to buy Milky the Bunny for their kid this Christmas?

Surely, the face of evil?

When I saw this thing on television this morning – it made a brief appearance on the Wright Stuff before they dissolved into predictable misinformed debate about legal highs – I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Continue reading

257 – The H-Word (via campfireburning)

This week has seen Campfire Burning decide to take a meander down the closet of humanity’s sexual perversions. He doesn’t get very far, it is scarier than Narnia after all, but he does manage to raise some really good points. Now if only more people realised that there isn’t such a thing as “normal” then maybe, just maybe, the world would be a happier place.

The Internet is for porn.

257 - The H-Word Okay guys and gals, this is going to be another sexually-charged post so if you’re of a delicate nature look away now, lest your eyes be speared as cocktail onions resting on the edge of life’s martini. Have all the prudes gone? Good, because today we’re going to talk about perversion. The Internet is for porn. I know it. You know it. The creators of Avenue Q know it. Even back in those oft-referenced far-off times when the Internet was a seethin … Read More

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