My partner Paul Blewitt’s Habitual Films

Tiny Temper’s Prince Charming, my arse!

Enthusiastic geekiness – The Ramblings of OneArmed Cookie

Mr.Oulds’s delightful blog Touching from a distance, further all the time

My Norwegian friend’s two blogs: TJN: dude med et tastatur (in Norwegian) and the new translated version TJN international for delightful DnD insights and random reviews

Long term friend and fellow survivor of Cornwall’s LEA, A Sacred Mongoose

Fellow BeefJack editor Lewis Denby

Digital Eccentric

Escoblades – Certavi et Vici

Mr Marco Fiori (I love his photography)

Dog Ear Discs – games, films, books

The Bothered Owl they like their knitting and textiles

Indie games stuff at jeremypeel

BioWare Blog y’know those people who like to make super awesome games

Journey to Cornwall

Deep Thoughts

WWdN: In Exile a.k.a. Will Wheaton’s blog

Bristle’s Blog from the BunKRS

through the looking glass science is good, m’kay

Nerdy Apple Bottom

The Insane Ramblings of a Village Idiot – Cornwall centric, telling it like it is


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