Mixed feelings about the endings to Far Cry 3

Unexpected purchase alert.


This weekend I completed Far Cry 3 (and so this post will contain spoilers). The random game purchase I picked-up in February has given me more than 38 hours (according to Raptr data) of enjoyment with a mixture of frustration here and there. It led me to question a particular event involving Jason’s friend Keith and why it wasn’t explored further.

Okay, so maybe not the siding with Citra one, but the one where you save your friends and brothers. It had the most direct moment of connection between Jason and the player as he narrates how he feels now that he’s leaving the island. It was painful to hear him describe himself as a “monster”, at the same time, I’d rather have been “shown”. It would have been good to have had some brief scenes where Jason is trying to fit-in with life back in the US. He could have had his dialogue still:

“I’ve killed so many, I’ve lost count.
I can’t come back from this. I’m a monster.
I can feel the anger inside of me.
But I am still, somewhere inside me, more than that.
Better than that.”

Maybe have his actions back home vary depending on the number of islanders he helped out. Like, the fewer side quests he did then the more PTS he’d have.

If you don’t mind massive spoilers, here’s the endings to the game:

Still, changing how the ending was handed would not have done much for a game that, as Kirk Hamilton pointed out, was:

  • Tonally inconsistent
  • Had arseholes for heroes
  • Iffy on the colonial, racial stuff
  • Not very believable
  • And ditched the best character (Vaas)

I agree with his almost Fight Club-esque solution to bring the above issues under control. At the same time, it could have also been solved by making Jason someone who’d either grown-up in a serious, military family or was already a veteran with PTS. Or maybe we could have played as Dennis Rogers, who is finally spurred into action by Vass’s treatment of Jason and the others.

Could Dennis have been the protagonist of Far Cry 3?

Could Dennis have been the protagonist of Far Cry 3?

Certainly, I think a game with a protagonist like Dennis would have been far more interesting and believable (he had military training). It would also have fitted in with the world that had been created, though the islanders would already be quite favourable to him and it would have been nice if he’d been a bit less trusting of Citra. Dennis would be the one to save Jason and Jason’s brothers and friends. Dennis would have, at the end of the game, gone back to the US with Jason and the others or met a similar fate to what happens with Jason when you side with Citra at the end of the game.

I’d have this over the twist suggestion from Hamilton, because hinging a game on huge plot twists like his suggestion can seriously cripple replay value and makes it a rather massive spoiler that you’ll need to avoid. I remember trying to avoid the spoiler for the Sixth Sense when the film was released.

Unfortunately, I get the feeling that we’ll be hard pressed to have a game with someone like Dennis as the lead, because someone in marketing or the like will probably think that a game with a black, African lead will not sell well.


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