The continuing BS old media throws at videogames

Tomb Raider interview

Original pic taken by BlackSymbiote

Today, a Canadian newspaper published the above interview with someone involved in the development of the new Tomb Raider. It made me sigh. Okay, so it was a Canadian newspaper, but watching any piece about videogames on UK news, and articles on the industry in many of the UK papers… and attitudes aren’t too dissimilar.

Just, it does make me feel sad when I see this kind of coverage. Sure, they could have asked a question about Lara’s redesign in the new game, but there are far more considerate ways to ask such questions in an interview.

I’m unsure who the interview was with, but I feel sorry for the person who had to listen to this crap being asked. It’s not nice, it’s not funny – it’s pathetic.

And if it’s not this kind of “juvenile” reactions to games:

Tomb Raider interview 2

Original pic taken by BlackSymbiote

It’s dealing with people like Bill Turnbull on BBC Breakfast. Seriously, whenever Breakfast covers something to do with games and he is hosting that morning – nothing intelligent is added to the conversation.


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