Did Dishonored deserve its Best Game BAFTA?



Last night was (as some of you may know) the BAFTA Games Awards and you may know that Dishonored walked away with best game in 2013. The other nominees had been Far Cry 3FIFA 13Journey, Mass Effect 3 and The Walking Dead. While Journey walked away with the most awards, overall, and Far Cry 3 won best action game and The Walking Dead got its teeth into story and best mobile/handheld… I’m not sure about Dishonored‘s win.

Considering the game’s shortness and quirks when it came to going after achievements and its obvious storyline… I’m not sure, out of the games that were nominated alongside it, that I would have gone for best game (not that Journey needed to win another award). Then again, I’m not sure I would have given best game to any of those… well maybe The Walking Dead if I’d gotten round to playing it.

Though if Mass Effect 3 had won… I’m not sure I would have been so pleased about it, considering the issues with the ending – because I would have wanted to vote depending on which version of the game people had played. But between it and Dishonored I would have gone for Mass Effect 3, because despite its flaws with agency – it moved me far more than Dishonored managed. I can’t give a comparison of them to Far Cry 3 as I haven’t completed the main story yet.

I’ve been trying to figure out what made Dishonored any more amazing than any of the other nominations in the category and I’m quite stumped. If you take that the number of flaws between the nominations, they’re probably about even. But I just don’t get why the judges picked what they did. Sure Mass Effect 3 went against promises made about player agency, but Dishonored wasn’t quite what had been promised either – remember the stealth system was meant to have been more in-depth.

What did surprise me, and disappoint me, is that Spec Ops: The Line was not nominated in a single category. I didn’t expect The Darkness II to get a look-in, but Spec Ops – it seems strange that it didn’t make it even into the nominations.

In other news: I can’t believe that Ubisoft has already announced the next AC game.


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