I have been using the New Myspace

Yes, I have been using it.

Yes, I have been using it.

Occasionally I do like to listen to music while at work. But I don’t want to run down my portable MP3 player’s battery or copy loads of my personal collection onto a work PC. Since the new Myspace was in private beta, I’ve been using the service to listen to music while at work. But I already have a Last.fm account – so why I haven’t been using that?

I love using the Last.fm scrobbler when I’m listening on my personal PC or want something random while I’m at home. I’ve got the app on my PC and I love it. The scrobbler app looks lovely. However, the Last.fm website needs some TLC when it comes to design and socially connecting with others and music acts:

Not as slick looking, IMHO.

Not as slick looking, IMHO.

Yes, it’s strange to get snobbish over websites for music based on design, but I am. And going back to the social side of things: Last.fm relies on forums to bring that in and I went off forums a long time ago because of their tendency to get a bit like The Lord of the Flies. Sure, you can add people (outside the forums) and can see how much you have in common in terms of musical tastes – but it doesn’t happen in a slick manner. (But this does sound like a pathetic complaint…)

Okay, so one particular thing I’ve experienced on the new Myspace is having indie acts connect to my account. This is interesting, because these acts will (like the old Myspace) have music on their profile page. I’ve tended to have more indie acts finding me and connecting to me than I’ve ever had friends connect on Last.fm. I’m finding tonnes more new music – not that I’m a serious indie snob either. And while playing stuff through Last.fm can lead to some discoveries – Myspace is definitely a site for creatives.

What I’m trying to say is that:

  • The new Myspace has a slick, appealing design
  • But I do love Last.fm’s scrobbler app

In an ideal world, Myspace would have never lost money in the way that it did and would have bought Last.fm or developed something like its scrobbler. In the meantime, I will continue to use both under different circumstances. And meanwhile – I do wonder how both are planning to make serious money in order to over operating costs.

Currently I don’t like Spotify, because of the lack of social in terms of it being socially orientated on its own platform. That’s why I’m not using it.


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