My 2012 gaming summary from Raptr – some thoughts

I’m not sure how I should fee about the gaming summary that Raptr released this past week. 

milliways86 Raptr 2012 summary

As someone who rarely plays games on systems that Raptr can’t track – this summary is pretty darn accurate and is probably off by about 30-40 hours, which when you’ve tracked 553 hours… yeah.

At the same time, while I appreciate that they’ve gone to the effort to produce this summary, I am perhaps concerned about whether the average Raptr user figures are accurate. After all, it takes a bit of effort to run an account on the service and some people do find that once they start tracking – they don’t like it.

So: did Raptr account for users who appeared to only use the service once?

And how many of their users might identify as “core gamers”? (Who I assume would be their target demographic anyway, considering how the brand is operated.)

It’s just, I’m wondering if they crunched the numbers enough to account for the statistical issues that one-time users (mainly) could bring in.

I’m not worried by the amount of time I spent playing videogames last year, I’m just not so sure that Raptr’s averages are representative.

And I can believe that Call of Duty: Black Ops II was their most popular game of 2012. I know that is the world in which we live and play.


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