Random game purchase of the moment: Far Cry 3

Unexpected purchase alert.

Unexpected purchase alert.

I ended up buying Far Cry 3 (for Xbox 360) on Saturday. It was due to podcast pressure. Between Idle Thumbs and Oh No! Video Games! – which I’ve started listening to this past month (I started about three episodes back from the ones that were then current) – I couldn’t escape the chatter on FC3.

I have never been interested in the Far Cry series previously. I had no intention of buying the latest game… but I’d been slowly softening to the idea of buying it after listening to it be discussed so many times.

Why hadn’t I been interested before? Well, it’s not like I go out of my way to buy series that are set-up as first person shooters by marketing. If I’m going to shell out for an FPS or even a third person shooter then it has to be a bit different. Different like The Darkness II or Spec Ops: The Line. And the enthusiasm for FC3 that I’ve been hearing (beyond the issues surrounding post-colonial representation) was pretty high.

And it was being sold at below RRP. That may have factored in a little.

Currently, I have hardly touched the story in FC3. I’ve found the first of Jason’s friends. So far I have spent most of my time in-game crafting. I just love the crafting. Sure it means I’m hunting down animals so that I can carry more guns, meds and ammo (well, my primary weapon is now a bow), but I am enjoying the fact that I can use resources on the island to improve my character’s on-person resources (also if you don’t know: I love crafting in Skyrim).

Another aspect to the game that I am really enjoying is just how stealthy you can be. It’s fantastic just wandering through the jungle and ambushing pirates. (I’ll admit that I use that Hunter herb mix to keep and eye out for local wildlife when I’m deep undercover, nothing worse than stumbling into a nest of Komodo Dragons… or a tiger.)

I am looking forward to playing more of this game and also giving the co-op a thorough going over.

Meanwhile: if I’m playing on PC at the moment I am seriously getting into Crusader Kings II after winning a copy of the game (plus DLC) from ExpansiveDLC.


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