Ever had a scriptwriter as a games master/DM? I have

Dice, DICE!

Dice, DICE!

Next Monday on the Nerds Assemble podcast, we will have a guest joining us. This guest will be one James Henry, (if you click on the link, you’ll see that he’s written for a great many TV shows from Green Wing to Shaun the Sheep to Campus. He’s a great guy.

He’s also responsible for being the DM on several roleplaying game sojourns that Paul and I undertook last year. Sessions like several in The One Ring where the Hobbit I was playing as , Esmerelda/Esme, was able to do some pretty crazy stuff with flaming oil.

Now, while some people might be interested in asking James about scriptwriting – do you any of you have questions for him about the geekier side of his life? (It’s partly why we’ve got him on the show.) If you do have questions of this nature, then either comment on this blog post or Tweet them to:

Meanwhile, you check out the latest episode of Nerds Assemble here, this week we talked about a lot of things including Lois Lane and fridges.


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