What good is having a HMV if there’s hardly any decent stock?


On Saturday I ventured inside my local HMV store. So far it has survived being closed down but…
There was hardly any “decent” stock left. Few new releases, Blu-rays at insane prices and hardly anything I wanted with a blue cross sale sticker on them.

I’m not blaming the individual store for this situation – but it has left me wondering: “What is being done to ensure that restructuring gets new stock in ASAP?” Because there is no point in keeping open, or rather, hoping to keep open the stores that haven’t faced the axe if the stock isn’t compelling enough.

Why do I care? I actually shop in HMV in a way that isn’t quite possible on Amazon. I go there to explore DVDs and T-Shirts and basically take risks. I don’t always need reviews or site recommendations to pick something up.

This is what happened with Breaking Bad, which I picked up while the sales were on. I’d never looked into the series in-depth online, I just kept hearing good things about it.

I also used my local store to buy a huge chunk of Christmas presents for last year, because I had to buy them last minute.

Yet none of this matters if the stores are being choked off from supplies. And my local store was looking comparatively desolate compared to the state of it at New Years, when I picked-up Breaking Bad seasons 1-3.

I’m not sure if I’m ready to say goodbye to window shopping.


One thought on “What good is having a HMV if there’s hardly any decent stock?

  1. That’s too bad, really. I guess I’ve always compared the HMV stocks to those in London and the airports. I thought they always were stocked to the brim with new stuff, the only things I never was able to get hold off was the Robocop Trilogy and the X-men series (including First Class and Wolverine), but I got hold off the latter in a different store in the chain anyways.

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