So, BT’s got a new call screening phone coming out

My nemesis?

My nemesis? (Photo by Nicholas Smale)

This week BT unveiled the BT6500 – a phone that has the potential to end a household’s unsolicited call woes. Why do I care? Well as I’ve previously written, I do often have problems with unsolicited calls to my land line.

And while signing-up to the Telephone Preference Service over a year ago has led to a reasonable reduction in unsolicited calls, there are several things that the TPS can’t do a thing about:

  • International calls
  • Those who can’t be bothered to comply with the TPS or don’t quite fall within the remit of marketing.

And this phone does have the potential to deal with this. But if you read the comments on the article I first linked to on here, a lot of the commenters are asking: why can’t BT do a bit more at the exchange level? And why do companies and organisations insist on using withheld numbers?

These are two things that I’d like to know as well. To be honest, I’m of the opinion that organisations (that includes charities) and companies shouldn’t be able to call you unless a) they’re from a government department or local council (or representative of them) or b) you have already instigated a customer service request.

As for international calls – it’s a shame that there’s a limit on the number of numbers that you can okay on BT’s new phone, because while you might want to block out international calls – what if you do have some international friends?


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