That acquisition of IGN by Ziff Davis…

IGN logo

In some ways, I’m glad that IGN found a buyer (Ziff Davis) and has set sale away from the shores of News Corp. But there’s a detail in the PR speak about the acquisition that keeps making me smirk just a bit…

“By combining our forces we will reach a greater audience of males 18-34 than ever before.”

So said Hemi Zucker, CEO of j2 Global (the parent company of Ziff Davis).

Now, I’m not sure if any of the buyers have ever had a look around the kinds of comments that get left on IGN, but IGN’s audience definitely doesn’t start at 18 and I’m doubtful that it even reaches 34.

Unless of course they’re planning on getting the IGN community to clean-up its act. Yeah, perhaps that’s what they’re up to. They’re going to go medieval on a huge chunk of its community…

I think they only said 18-34 so that they could sound legit to j2 Global’s stake holders/investors/whatevers. Saying that the site appeals to under 15, male teens would probably hurt their business cred.


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