I have been using the New Myspace

Yes, I have been using it.

Yes, I have been using it.

Occasionally I do like to listen to music while at work. But I don’t want to run down my portable MP3 player’s battery or copy loads of my personal collection onto a work PC. Since the new Myspace was in private beta, I’ve been using the service to listen to music while at work. But I already have a Last.fm account – so why I haven’t been using that?

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The return to The Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan 1

Until last week, the last time I had taken up Settlers of Catan for a spell had been on my Xbox 360. And then Tuesday night happened and I remembered why this game is just so damn awesome to play with real people who are sat in front of you. Continue reading

Tips on scriptwriting and getting an agent – plus key mistakes a Games Master/DM can make in roleplaying games

We didn't just talk about nerdy things...

We didn’t just talk about nerdy things…

Around the 42 minutes mark, the latest episode of Nerds Assemble has scriptwriter James Henry answer various questions about writing and scriptwriting and other cool things you may want to know if you’re writing in the UK. There was insight into UK series length and how best to get represented by an agent. Here are some of the questions and answers. Continue reading

Random game purchase of the moment: Far Cry 3

Unexpected purchase alert.

Unexpected purchase alert.

I ended up buying Far Cry 3 (for Xbox 360) on Saturday. It was due to podcast pressure. Between Idle Thumbs and Oh No! Video Games! – which I’ve started listening to this past month (I started about three episodes back from the ones that were then current) – I couldn’t escape the chatter on FC3. Continue reading