The disappearance of the timeline view for my Facebook page UPDATED

Facebook Timeline for Page blank

The above is currently all I can see on the Facebook page for the Nerds Assemble Podcast. But if you’re not me, chances are you can see the entire timeline absolutely fine.

Today, Paul had to post the link to the current episode, because the page has “gone wrong” for me. Thing is, I’m not the only one who’s been having this problems and it’s affecting personal timelines as well as ones for pages. So far, Facebook haven’t got back in touch with me over my call for support.

Facebook haven’t even responded to the growing list of messages on their support centre, asking what the heck is going on.

Facebook Timeline for Page blank support

But I’m not even sure the message I tried to send to support about this have gone through as I keep getting this message:

Facebook Timeline for Page blank support message

As far as I can tell, I’ve filled in everything I was meant to. The Community Forum discussion that I posted to hasn’t been responded to by any Facebook employees.

While it is good that other people can see the timeline for Nerds Assemble it is frustrating that I can’t review any of the content myself. Also – none of the activity is showing up in my admin view of the page’s activity log. It’s like nothing has ever been done with the page, but clearly it’s fine for other people.

It’s not exactly encouraging me take out ads for my page.


As of the morning of the 16/01/13 my page is back to normal, as are the respondents to the support discussion that I linked to. No word from Facebook as to what happened, but at least things are back to normal.


3 thoughts on “The disappearance of the timeline view for my Facebook page UPDATED

  1. Must be nice. My disappeared this morning and it has not come back up nor have I heard from FB (and I don’t expect to). Shared your post on my “invisible” timeline anyway. Because even though I can’t see it, all 1,360 of my fans can!

      • You’re right. I just posted a rant about it and within a minute the timeline returned in full view. I am so laughing at FB right now. Fortunately it was only a few hours, but I do believe FB has reached the beginning of its demise. They seem to be imploding. Thanks for the post – keep it live! 😀

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