Giving Dark Souls another go

I didn't get very far last time.

I didn’t get very far last time.

On Sunday, I beat the record I’d previously set while playing Dark Souls, this time I actually made it out of the Undead Asylum. I felt pretty damn chuffed with myself to be honest. When I gave the game a go, last year, after completing Skyrim for the first time, it did feel like I’d never pick it up again.

But curiosity got the better of me. I resorted to plating DS after spending some time goofing about on Skyrim and Dishonored and then I was like, “Hmmm, games that I haven’t completed yet, sitting on my shelf…” And DS is one of the dozens of games that I own and have yet to complete.

But hey, don’t take this sudden burst of activity as a sign that Dark Souls is going to be my go-to game at the moment. The game I’m currently playing the most is Just Dance 4 Wii U edition. This means that I’m currently using the Wii U more than my Xbox 360.

Just don’t ask me how ZombiU is going.


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