Time to say goodbye to my Ramona Flowers hair



It’s been a long time since I decided to start modelling the cut of my hair on Ramona Flowers (as in the style she has it in the film). Over two years in fact. But the time has come to say goodbye. Today I went for a haircut, and rather than have the now familiar shaping cut in, I just had my fringe cut back and the rest trimmed to allow for new growth.

I’m now growing my hair out. The idea is to get it to just below my shoulders, but unlike the last time I had longish hair I will have my longer hair styled a bit. This does mean that it will take a bit more effort to look after and also means that I’ll look less like a fictional character, but I can live with that.

I’ve been missing having hair that I can mess around with and style a bit more, growing it out again means more to mess about with.

And if this blog post couldn’t get any girlier, I bought this nail varnish before I had my hair appointment:


That’s a bottle of Bourjois Rosé merveille 45. It is very pink. I plan to file my nails and then paint them with this tonight while either watching Breaking Bad or Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom or similar (perhaps a phrase that is redundant by this point).

However, I just wanna say that having Ramona Flowers style hair for over two years has been kinda cool and if you want to sort your self out with something like it, then check out this blog post and its comments for lots of advice on how to go about getting a Ramona look (especially if you want to dye your hair, but can’t use regular stuff).


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