Nerds Assemble’s next guest – a dude who built a life size, replica Halo Warthog

Here it is.

Here it is.

Peter Cooper – a name you might recognise from an episode of Nerds Assemble that we did last year where he talked about his comic book series Telikos Protocol and Kickstarter. Well, on Monday (14th Jan) Peter is returning to Nerds Assemble to talk about his life size, replica Halo Warthog and other replica goodness (along with the week’s latest geek news).

This of course means that Nerds Assemble would like to have your questions about how one goes about making a beast like this and other replica creation conundrums, plus any updates you want on Telikos Protocol and anything else you think Peter might be able to answer for you. So, you ask the podcast your questions via Twitter or Facebook or email.

If you could get your questions in before 8pm on Monday that would be great, as we record at 9pm. I’m sure Peter is looking forward to being bombarded with your queries.

(P.S. The Warthog in question is actually for sale.)


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