Why the hell did I decide to start playing Dishonored, for the first time, and chase the Clean Hands achievement?

Dishonored party

Why, why, WHY?!

At the beginning of 2012, I declared that Dishonored was one of the games that I was most looking forward to in 2012. And now, in the past week, I have finally started playing it after a certain someone gave it to me on Christmas.

But I have made a grave mistake, a very grave mistake.

I looked at the game’s achievements when I first booted it up and noticed the Clean Hands one. A 100G for not killing anyone in the game. A game that is about stealth and death. And I thought to myself, “I’ll go for it.”

It has been agonising. And the advice about what will mess up your progress towards this achievement is mixed:

“I just finished a mission and it says I killed one hostile even though I don’t believe I did! Will replaying void Clean Hands then? Should I go back to a previous save?”
“Yes. Replaying has been known to void it. I would definitely reload a previous save.”
“I just finished the game without killing anyone but I didn’t unlock clean hands. But I think I know why this happens: See, I hit new game and played the entire story without killing anyone. However, the saved data from my previous walkthrough(in which I had killed enemies) was still there. Maybe, that causes the game to register the new walkthrough as though you played each mission individually from the missions menu without killing anyone(which of course doesn’t unlock clean hands). Now, I just deleted all my saved data and will start a new no-kill walkthrough. I think that should unlock clean hands. If not, then it’s bugged. By the way, did anyone else try this? I decided to write it down because no one else mentioned it.”

So, while I have had to replay one mission from the mission summary screen after one accidental death, I don’t know if it’s voided my progress towards the achievement.

I’m about half-way through the game now and while I have become very good at not killing anyone, the lack of means to check my progress towards this achievement is frustrating. Sure, I’ve got no kills on the mission replay screen summaries that you can access from the main menu and have also been making sure that I don’t have any kills listed at the end of playing a mission…

It’s going to be a pretty sucky achievement if you have to play through the whole thing again in order to get it.

So, to make it clear: I’ve immediately replayed at least one chapter from the replay option after bringing up a chapter summary screen – does this affect progress towards the achievement?


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