Finally getting into Breaking Bad


It’s not like I have been completely unaware of Breaking Bad – I’ve known about it for quite some time. But no one, other than Netflix, is showing it in the UK. Last week I decided to take a chance on a sale price boxset of the first three seasons and having finished watching season one last night – I am so glad that I bought them.
I suppose one of the main things that stands out is the writing. The scripts are amazing, as is the directing and acting that accompany it all.

It’s kind of weird how none of the channels in the UK have picked the show-up for syndication. Another AMC show – The Walking Dead – is popular here and shown on a regular channel, and other shows with adult themes have been shown in the UK previously, even on the main channels – think Six Feet UnderDexter and Californication.

Well, thank goodness for boxsets.

On a final note: people keep saying that the storyline of Breaking Bad wouldn’t work in the UK. Well, true, Walter wouldn’t have to pay for his chemotherapy – thanks to the NHS, but considering how often the UK government and the private companies they work with to deal with benefits claimants are fudging over cancer patients and the like… Walter would have a huge chance of ending up with no benefits, so he may still have to cook meth.


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