Still learning to drive


I haven’t updated on this in a while, but just in case you were wondering: yes, I am still learning to drive.

My latest lesson was just before Christmas, after having taken an almost two month long break due to the horrendous weather and illness. I’m set to hit the road again this coming Saturday.

I am determined to get my full license this year. And if I can save enough – a car too and everything else that entails. This is mainly so that a) my commute to work will be easier and quicker and b) so that I can gain a degree of independence.

The good news is that despite the very long break between lessons I hadn’t lost too much of what I’d learned in the latter months of 2012. Essentially: I can drive a manual car well enough that I could drive in a zombie apocalypse if I needed to “borrow” someone’s car.

I just need to get on top of revising for my theory and hazard perception tests.

And during my last lesson of 2012: a cat tried to get in my instructor’s car. She doesn’t like cats. In fact, this cat tried to get into the car several times before we drove off for the practical part of my lesson.


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