So, 2013 approaches


It does seem like 2012 has gone by incredibly fast. I’ve been in a single, non-self-employed, job for more than six months – which has never happened before. That’s been a pretty huge thing for me. Plus…
I finally achieved the goal off having a comic published. It was a short one, but you should totally pick up a copy of The Pilgrim volume 1 (published by Cape Fear Comics), sometime, and read “Back Row”, which was written by me and had its art done by Sarah Welland. It’s a ghost story and one of the few pieces of fiction that I’ve ever set in Cornwall.

And I’m working on setting up a certain website with another artist, which you should be keeping an eye out for in 2013.

But yeah, 2013…

Should be interesting. Paul and I are working on a couple of filming projects. Low budget stuff.

So yeah, I hope that you all have a fab 2013.

P.S. Hoping to start updating the old blog a bit more, as I finally have access to some new tech.


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