So, 2013 approaches


It does seem like 2012 has gone by incredibly fast. I’ve been in a single, non-self-employed, job for more than six months – which has never happened before. That’s been a pretty huge thing for me. Plus…
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I’m becoming a tad tired of the BBC harping on about getting young women/women into sport

It's not just a question of getting one gender onto the pitch - it's a question of time and money to

It’s not just a question of getting one gender onto the pitch – it’s a question of time and money too

It seems that a lasting legacy of having the Olympics in London this year is a monthly examination (every month this has been happening  by the BBC into why young women/women just aren’t taking part in sport. And you know what? They never look at any of the real cultural or social reasons that drags down female participation – as far as I can tell.

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My Game of the Year – 2012 edition

I am pleased with this outcome.

Who wins?

Because I’ve noticed that Johnny Cullen has decided to discuss his Game of the Year, I have decided to follow suit. I am copying him. This is, of course, different from my top games of all time list. So, without further ado… Continue reading