Skyrim patch 1.8 – do I still care?

Patch 1.8… almost does nothing for me.

While I was away on holiday, patch 1.8 for Skyrim was released for the Xbox 360 version of the game. So, I’ve only been playing the game for a bit since this update happened.

In case you haven’t read one of my more recent posts on the game, I now consider Skyrim to be a comfort game. It’s still strange how this has happened, if you consider that the vast number of my blog posts about the game have mainly been negative.

But what fixes have through this time? They are:

  • General memory and stability improvements
  • Fixed rare crash when using vampiric grip
  • Fixed issue where Arnleif and Sons Trading Company could become permanently locked
  • Fixed issue related to duplicate NPCs
  • Fixed rare issue where exterior door would not open properly

I find it interesting that they fixed a glitch for Arnleif and Sons Trading Company becoming permanently locked. The glitch was very similar to one I experienced in Oblivion, as I described here and still, it’s not an outright patch for shops that seem to lock their doors during store hours… with their traders inside, waiting to trade.

In the past few months I have warmed towards the game, but I fear at this point I am experiencing a form of gaming Stockholm Syndrome – especially noticeable when, last night, I was determined to kill an Ancient Dragon that was along the route I was taking to Windhelm. The dragon was playing real hard ball and I refused to give-up slaying it until it was slain.

That wouldn’t have happened in January.


6 thoughts on “Skyrim patch 1.8 – do I still care?

  1. I had finally started trying Skyrim again after getting the Dawnguard and Hearthfire DLCs, but after a Steam Update most of my Steam games started to fail to validate 1 file and my Steam games started randomly crashing my entire computer; and so I have not been able to play my Steam games that I had & recently bought.

    Some other people are also having this problem and this was reported at the Steam Forums and to Steam Support (I also reported this but I have not heard from Steam yet and so I am still trying to troubleshoot this problem(s) myself) since at least November 12th, but no fix yet & none of our troubleshooting has worked yet, here is one of the discussions about it that I am a part of:

    Anyway, you are fortunate not to have this problem(s) Emily and thank you for liking one of my posts on my blog, that caught me by surprise so much that you inspired me to comment on a blog post again 😀 .

    I heard that a new Skyrim DLC might be released early December 2012 called Dragonborn I think, and do not forget that The Elder Scrolls Online is still being worked on. 😉

    • Oh dear, that’s horrible. I’ve asked on Twitter if anyone has any ideas about this.

      EDIT 1:
      Advice so far is –

      Neil Castle ‏@NeilCastle
      “@ek6891 Sounds like a DirectX of graphics driver problem if all games have one broken file.”
      Emily King ‏@ek6891
      “@NeilCastle how would he fix it?”
      Neil Castle ‏@NeilCastle
      “@ek6891 Reinstall DirectX manually and download a new set of graphics drivers for his/her card.”

      • Thank you Emily, I tried re-installing the newest DirectX and Nvidia drivers, but that did not work; but that was good advice though.

        I had a breakthrough yesterday, a strange one, when I temporarily ran Steam as an Administrator by Right Clicking on the Steam shortcut and Left Clicking on Run As An Administrator, I was able to play a Steam game (Skyrim) for over two hours without a crash (but this did not fix the 1 file that fails to validate with most of my games).

        I tried setting Steam to Always Run As An Administrator, but the random computer crashes started again to my surprise, I then tried temporarily running Steam as an Administrator and I was playing Skyrim for a good while again but the colors of the game messed up & reverted to just a few low quality colors and my computer crashed, I turned off my computer & unplugged it to make sure that my graphics card’s was not the problem (it is only 10 or 11 months old).

        The graphics card was very hot so I knew that was not good, I turned on the computer again watching the graphics card and the fan on it was going slow & stopping & going which is not good, and the colors on the monitor/screen were all messed up/limited low quality colors like right before that last computer crash & when I logged into Windows 7 a message said that no Nivida GPU or something like that was found (like the graphics card had over heated and finally damaged the card badly); and so I shut down the computer/unplugged it, put my old graphics card in, and I will contact the company today to see if I can have my new graphics card replaced replaced.

        So the crashes might partially or mostly be related to that hardware problem, but something still seems odd about that Steam Update (the file validation problem and the fact that running Steam temporarily as an Administrator helped until my graphics card finally gave out oddly); I never had a graphics card go out before all these years on any of my past computers (especially not one that is less than a year old, my old graphics card was pre-owned & it still works, but my new card that I bought new has broken in less than a year 😀 ), strange stuff. (By the way the new graphics card is a EVGA brand Nividia Geforce GT 430 1024MB DDR3 RAM)

        My old graphics card can not play newer games like Skyrim but I can test some of my older Steam games to see if the random computer crashes still happen, and I will let you know; thank you Emily and the people on Twitter who offered some advice. 😉

  2. I got my replacement graphics card and so far none of my Steam games have crashed my computer yet, which is good, but 1 file for most of my Steam games still fails to validate and fails to be reacquired; Steam Support is working to help me figure out the cause of that problem.

    Thank you for the help Emily. 🙂

      • Yeah, fortunately I was able to still play my Steam games even with that 1 file failing to validate & failing to be reacquired for most of my Steam games, but there are other people who still have this problem and some of them can not play their Steam games or can not play them for long without crashes.

        Unfortunately Steam Support and I probably will not be able to find out what was causing that problem, because my motherboard chipset fan stopped working and so I got a replacement motherboard recently, and so I had to format my Windows 7 partition & install Windows 7 again (I was going to only install Ubuntu Linux this time but I am going to dual boot the two, so I can still play my games 😉 ) since I made such a major hardware change so Windows 7 would not boot properly; and so once I install Steam on a clean/newly installed Windows 7, the problem will probably not be there, but I will see soon enough. 😉

        Thank you for responding Emily. 🙂

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