The horror of doing a factory reset on my phone

That was the expression on my face, for more than a day, after having to do a factory reset on my phone.

A few weeks back, I had to go through quite a traumatic technology experience: performing a factory reset on my phone. A HTC Wildfire, with Android 2.2 – resetting the phone was easy, getting it back to the way I wanted was and is still an ongoing struggle.

It all started off after the Twitter/Facebook client I mainly use on my phone stopped working properly. TweakDeck would not open Facebook posts within the app, instead it insisted on opening them in the phone’s browser. Thinking it was the app, I uninstalled it, after deleting the cache and whatnot and then installed TweetDeck. TweetDeck had the same problem.

As I indicated in a post about Google+, last year, the internal memory of the HTC Wildfire is extremely limited. (I will add that you can now partially install Google+ on a 2.2 running Android device’s SD card, but that it still leaves a lot of the app on the core phone.) This is why I don’t use the official Twitter app and also why I don’t use the official Facebook app – because I need to be able to shift apps to my SD card. TweakDeck, unlike TweetDeck, can be installed on SD card in 2.2 – hence why I preferred it.

I use my smartphone for a lot of social media stuff, so I was getting desperate to find something that worked. I tried HootSuite, but it just wasn’t designed in a way similar enough to TweetDeck for me to be able to get the kind of use from it that I wanted.

By this point I was getting quite desperate. It was the evening and I needed my phone to be fully functional for the next day and a trip that I would be taking the following week.

And so I had to perform a factory reset. But I did back-up my contacts and media files first, via the SD card and my PC.

It took me more than a day to get all the apps I regularly use reinstalled and working. TweakDeck was working properly again, thank goodness, but the Foursquare app kept playing silly buggers and wouldn’t keep me logged-in. Eventually, either through turning the phone off and on several times or a new software update I was able to get Foursquare working again.

While I was able to put back my old wallpapers and lockscreen image, I haven’t been able to reuse the music track that I was using for a ringtone, which had been Jamiroquai’s “Feels Just Like It Should”. At the moment I am stuck with “America, F**k Yeah!” from Team America World Police, as it was the only other music file I had on my phone. The added advantage/disadvantage with this is that I feel very compelled to answer my phone before the lyrics turn into swear words.

I’ll be able to upgrade my phone soon. Am I going to switch to an iPhone? No. I like the Android OS too much, but I’m not getting a HTC. I’m going to try and get a phone with a bit more “umph” in it.


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