So… Full English

I decided to watch the first episode of Full English yesterday after having caught up with Misfits via 4oD. I didn’t go in expecting much, and well… I didn’t go in expecting much.I like the idea of having an animated, British sitcom. I’ve liked a lot of American ones over the years, so having something that looks at the culture and society I live in and have grown-up with – it appeals to me. But only if isn’t too similar to existing US ones.

The family set-up and the character types are such that you can’t help drawing comparisons with Seth MacFarlane’s creations: Family Guy and American Dad, but maybe less so Mat Groening’s The Simpsons. We’ve kooky creatures, (no family pet yet, mind); at least one character that seems to be suffering from a degree of learning disabilities; at least one over the top adult and an under-appreciated/bullied/un-mainstream sister. It was too much of the same old shtick the UK has been inundated with from across the pond for the last few years.

With the above combined with the way that episode was scripted… it was all coming across like, “Yes, this is an animated, British sitcom, but actually, we’re hoping to syndicate it to the Yanks.”

It’s like they ignored previous British, animated sitcoms like Stressed Eric (okay, it was British, and had New Zealand and US involvement) and Bob and Margaret (also an effort between several, English speaking countries)Both pretty good shows.

Plus there’s other US ones that have a better formula than MacFarlane’s shows, like South ParkKing of the Hill and God, the Devil and Bob.

For more in-depth opinions on Full English, I suggest checking out these forum posts that I stumbled upon.


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