Nerds Assemble update – we’re running a comp to win the Resident Evil films on Blu-ray

Competition time at Nerds Assemble.

From the UK or EU, over 15 and want to win the first four Resident Evil films on Blu-ray? Then head on over to the Nerds Assemble Facebook page to enter the podcast’s first competition. We started the comp in our Halloween episode.

The competition is running until 12pm GMT on 12 November 2012. We would have made the competition include those outside the EU, but the postage costs for the discs was going to be a tad extortionate for our – almost – zero budget production.

You should also check out the latest episode, in which we discuss, at great length, Disney’s purchase of LucasFilm. See, the deal doesn’t just involve Star Wars and I wish the mainstream media would have stopped making out like that was all that was at stake. There’s the Indiana Jones franchise, Industrial Light & Magic, LucasArts and so on.

I have to admit though – I am a little worried by the prospect of three more Star Wars films.


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