Been playing a lot of Skyrim lately

I don’t know how this happened…

For all the bitching and moaning I’ve done about this game since Christmas last year, I’ve been playing an awful damn lot of it lately. And I think Skyrim may have become another “comfort game” for me.

I’ll admit, though, that I’ve been playing it differently to how I started out playing it last Christmas. I’m less quest focused and more – I wonder what will happen if I go into this crypt or climb up this mountain…

I haven’t really stopped playing it since announcing my return to the game in September. If I haven’t  been busy playing something co-op with Paul, I’ve been playing on Skyrim when I’ve had a spare moment.

And spare moments have been few and far between of late. What with driving lessons, trying to fit in some comics writing, comics reviews, podcast production and Cornwall Graphic Novel Group. Oh, and I’ve taken on a new role at work – I am now a Research and Marketing Executive.

Anyway, I’ve been using Skyrim to unwind. And during this unwinding I haven’t been beset by the usual amount of bugs and whatnot that use to typify my playing of the game. Mind you, now that I’ve typed that…


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