Skyrim patch 1.8 – do I still care?

Patch 1.8… almost does nothing for me.

While I was away on holiday, patch 1.8 for Skyrim was released for the Xbox 360 version of the game. So, I’ve only been playing the game for a bit since this update happened. Continue reading


The horror of doing a factory reset on my phone

That was the expression on my face, for more than a day, after having to do a factory reset on my phone.

A few weeks back, I had to go through quite a traumatic technology experience: performing a factory reset on my phone. A HTC Wildfire, with Android 2.2 – resetting the phone was easy, getting it back to the way I wanted was and is still an ongoing struggle. Continue reading

So… Full English

I decided to watch the first episode of Full English yesterday after having caught up with Misfits via 4oD. I didn’t go in expecting much, and well… I didn’t go in expecting much. Continue reading

Nerds Assemble update – we’re running a comp to win the Resident Evil films on Blu-ray

Competition time at Nerds Assemble.

From the UK or EU, over 15 and want to win the first four Resident Evil films on Blu-ray? Then head on over to the Nerds Assemble Facebook page to enter the podcast’s first competition. We started the comp in our Halloween episode. Continue reading

“Menial work being beneth them?” (them a.k.a. graduates)

The spelling mistake is his…

Today, I spotted a link from the i newspaper to an article from the Independent in regards to how graduates from the first round of tuition fee hikes are doing. And one respondent typified an attitude that saddens and annoys me: that graduates don’t like menial work. I’ve previously made my feelings on this matter known in a post earlier this year in regards to the Job Centre’s approach to work experience.

Continue reading