Cornwall Graphic Novel Group Halloween meet and my lament for older comics

Melty face!

Saturday next week will see Cornwall Graphic Novel Group hold its Halloween meet-up in Loading. ‘Cause it’s a Halloween kind of deal, we’re encouraging people to read horror comics so that we can discuss them. I’m about to start reading the 30 Days of Night omnibus in aid of this.

But I also wanted to get my hands on some of EC comics’ old Tales from the Crypt. Unfortunately, despite some archive volumes of the comics being published in the last ten years, the initial volume is insanely priced – lowest on Amazon is £167.54 (and that’s used) plus elsewhere online isn’t much better.

Instead, I’m picking up some of the “resurrection” stuff that Jim Sailcrup has been behind in the last five years. That’s new comics written and published under the Tales form the Crypt brand.

Other people joined in my lamentation on Crypt’s lack of availability and even tried to help me hunt it down, but to no avail:

What’s most worrying about this whole thing is that it’s not even available digitally via a legit service and it’s a piece of comic book history. And, as a friend pointed out on the CGNG Facebook page, American comics pre-Comics Code Authority are often hard to track down (’cause, y’know, parents back in the 1950s and ’60s probably didn’t want their kids reading stuff that didn’t have approval).

This is despite the CCA no longer being used. And it’s sad that this censorship has made it hard to get near a piece of comic book history. I hope that Gemstone Publishing, who published the first collected archives back in 2006 get their act together and find a way to do a reprint, as even they currently have it listed as out of stock.


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