Storyboarding a.k.a. I wish I had enough free time at the moment to take drawing lessons

A draft of a storyboard…

Maybe when I’m done learning to drive, I’ll see if I can use some of my free time to learn to draw again. Go to a class or something. Because after storyboarding a short, three page comic at the weekend – I do feel that my drawing ability is somewhat limited – and I got a B in GCSE Art and Design back in the day.

It annoys me that when I took art as a GCSE that we weren’t really taught any of the fundamentals for drawing, painting and sculpting. Instead, we’d spend time looking at specific artists rather than how to really do things. I do hope that art GCSEs are better these days, ten years on when I did mine, but I get the sinking feeling they’re not.

Why was I storyboarding in the first place?

I’m working with Rob MacKay to get a submission into OFF LIFE. I’ve written the script and done the storyboarding, while Rob is in charge of the art.

The name of this comic is “Bus Stop Hero”, it’s a short comic. I hope by draft for the storyboard doesn’t put you off reading once it makes its way out into the world.


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