Driving lessons update #2

(Car related due to car featuring prominently in the video.) I’ve had two driving lessons since my last post on this. And according to my instructor, things are going well. Personally, I keep finding myself constantly amazed by the nuances of driving a manual car that I was not instructed on when I tried learning on a manual previously.

For instance, this week it was all about biting points and clutch control. Two things that had not been explained to me previously. It’s no wonder I gave up learning to drive in a manual the last time: not knowing how either of these works is going to pretty much fudge-up any attempt you make at driving a manual car.

So I’ve almost gotten my head around hill starts and how to drive in and out of junctions in first gear. Then yesterday came clutch control and finally shifting from first to second gear.

Main two problems I’m having at the moment: remembering gear positions and that I need to have built up enough speed to shift up.

Next week I’m booked in for three lessons and I’ve started to revise driving theory, but I need recommendations for a decent interactive hazard perception mock test.

Overall mood during lessons this week: hopeful.


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