Making my way towards playing Borderlands 2

Yes, I’m playing as a Siren.

Borderlands 2 may have appeared on store shelves last month, but Paul and I have never completed the original game. Despite having it on both Steam and for Xbox 360, we’d just never gotten round to going past level 10 with our characters – until now.

This past week and a bit, Paul and I have been playing the original game, on-and-off, in an attempt to finally finish it and not feel guilty when we finally get round to buying the sequel. It has been an interesting experience for both of us and not always fun.

First off, we did try playing the game over Steam, but had to give up as we couldn’t get the LAN aspect or online play to work. This was with the game fully patched and firewall playing ball. In fact, we lost almost an entire evening of gaming trying to get the game to work on PC.

Giving up on the Steam version, we resorted to the Xbox 360 version, which was just the basic game – not the Game of the Year edition like we both have on Steam.

Despite putting in some long hours into the game this past weekend, we’ve yet to complete it. I can only play for bits at a time before I get bored of what can become very repetitive gameplay. Though it also doesn’t help when I decide we should take on an enemy with an amber exclamation mark beside its name and our Siren and Hunter are clearly 10 levels below it.

Which is what happened when we took on Mothrakk. The battle lasted over an hour and we died many, many times and used up lots of ammo. Though the original notification for the related mission said that its difficulty was Normal.

What we are both enjoying about playing the game is that we’re playing a local co-op and that we get to grow our characters. Sure, we both love playing games like Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2, but sometimes it is nice to have a levelling-up system.


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