Cornwall Graphic Novel Group Halloween meet and my lament for older comics

Melty face!

Saturday next week will see Cornwall Graphic Novel Group hold its Halloween meet-up in Loading. ‘Cause it’s a Halloween kind of deal, we’re encouraging people to read horror comics so that we can discuss them. I’m about to start reading the 30 Days of Night omnibus in aid of this. Continue reading


Borderlands, Borderlands 2 and Resident Evil 6


Just an update to an earlier post on playing Borderlands all the way through for the first time. We did it, Paul and I completed what there is of the main story. But this didn’t happen as quickly at it could have. Continue reading

Scam phone calls and people who don’t have any real understanding of computers

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We do not need Christians like these directing this country’s moral values

Ann Widdecombe peeves me right off. Image courtesy of catch21productions.

There’s been a lot said at the Conservative Party Conference, over the past day or so, that has left me feeling angry. One particular event, on the fringes of the conference, has left me particularly clenching my jaws: Lord Carey, David Burrows and Ann Widdecombe’s anti-gay marriage rally. And as a Huffington Post article has pointed out: there was a comparison made with Nazi-Germany to lead the argument against gay marriage. Continue reading

Storyboarding a.k.a. I wish I had enough free time at the moment to take drawing lessons

A draft of a storyboard…

Maybe when I’m done learning to drive, I’ll see if I can use some of my free time to learn to draw again. Go to a class or something. Because after storyboarding a short, three page comic at the weekend – I do feel that my drawing ability is somewhat limited – and I got a B in GCSE Art and Design back in the day. Continue reading