Driving lessons update #1

(I’ll try to keep finding slightly car related music videos for each of these posts.) Anyway, how did my first lesson go? You may be asking after yesterday’s post. Clearly I’ve typed this, so I didn’t die or end up causing a serious accident and get thrown in a cell.

Yesterday, the main big mysteries revealed to me were what the clutch and gear stick could do. I’ve mentioned that I’d previously tried learning to drive a manual, but had switched to automatic the last time round (several years ago).

Thing is, last time I tried learning to drive, I was with a certain motoring school and the guy that I was with first and who tried to teach me how to drive a manual was the reason I ended up learning on an automatic. He had no patience with me, and didn’t get why after three lessons I didn’t understand the gears much and still had problems shifting gear. He hadn’t even explained clutch control.

This time I’m with an independent instructor and she’s very keen to emphasize that we’ll be doing things at my pace and that she doesn’t mind if I take a while to get to grips with the gears and clutch control. So, when I stalled for the only time in the lesson (I was allowed to drive 300 metres) she wasn’t highly critical and logically went through what had gone wrong.

Next time I’ll get to drive more, but there was a lot of paperwork and explaining to do during this first lesson.

Overall mood for this lesson: Nervous but excited.


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