I am about to have my first driving lesson, since stopping three years ago

Image courtesy of chuckoutrearseats/Colin

Today, I am  nervous for the first time since I started my job at Radix. Today I am hitting the roads of Falmouth and Penryn for the first driving lesson I’ve had since I stopped learning three years ago. And today I will be driving in a manual car, rather than an automatic as I had previously learned in. I have never held a full driving license.

I am very nervous.

Each time I envision my potential success or failure of this learning pursuit, my mind cycles through three particular music videos:

The realist/pessimist view:

The optimistic view:

The wishful view:

This blog post is the first of – hopefully – many where I share my experience of learning to drive for the second time. Just so you know, I did pass my driving theory and hazard perception test the last time round.

But it’s those gears that I’m really worried about. And at least I’m with a different driving instructor this time – the one from two years ago really wasn’t working out for me.


3 thoughts on “I am about to have my first driving lesson, since stopping three years ago

  1. My advice is to try and not think about the negatives/fear(s)/et cetera too much, and instead focus on remembering/learning/practicing/et cetera all the skills/safety tips/advice/et cetera involved with driving & learn/get comfortable with the automobile(s) that you will be driving & practice awareness/observing your surroundings as you drive to better predict/avoid accidents; and practice, practice, practice. 😉

    The more that I did those things, the more comfortable and better I got, and I got over my fear of driving; and due to my cautious/defensive/detail-oriented/awareness/prediction skills I have never gotten in an automobile accidents and I never got a driving ticket/fine in all these years. 🙂

    Good luck Emily. 😉

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